memuisikan loving you
memuisikan loving you

Puisi Loving you – De Wahyu Sruasto

a poem

long sweetshirt.
too long.. oversized.
chocolate, vanilla, orange..
mixing with your skin.
looks so good.
your two big eyes.
too big..
makes my heart melted when you accidentally look at me.
i wonder how heaven looks like.
now i can see it clearly with my eyes
i hate the way you talked to me.
i hate the way you cut your hair.
i hate the way you read my mind.
i hate the way you bleach my hair orange, and makes time slowed down.
but mostly i hate when you’re not arround.
Loving you
love you
telling myself things will get better
but in reality they’re just getting worse
everywhere i look
i see you
i feel you
tell myself i need you
but loving you pains me more than hating you
i dont wanna do this anymore
what I want in the world
i want to walk in that rain in solo with you
i want to see the funny guy as he’s cooking and holding the pan with eyes closed
i want to questions the child who sell a flower down the street from your home
i want to live a few minutes in your universe :,)
about wish
wish i could sing
wish i could draw
wish i could write poems
wish i had clear skin
wish i could smile genuinely
wish i had someone
wish i had you
wish i were him
but mostly wish you didn’t have him

De Wahyu Sruasto Vidiveroli
, born on june 99 in yogyakarta, now currently live in different side of the world. learned to write a poem from my father, he do like a poem, he wrote poems too, like a lot of poems, maybe I can’t write a poem like he did but it’s the best I can do, i’m nothing, just specks of dust in this universe. Instagram: vidiveroli

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